Why Choose Us

WJPS Mugs on tableWJP Software Limited are a small, dedicated and hard-working team who put the customer first. We are keen to ensure the outcome of a project meets and where possible exceeds your expectations. By working closely with all our customers we aim to build a great working relationship and understanding of their business and processes. We will conduct one to one meetings on site with you, as well as regular phone and email conversations to keep you up to date.

Building a strong customer - client relationship helps make any project run more smoothly, giving you the confidence to contact us to discuss your project and any issues. Confidentiality is a key part of our project process, we aim to be as transparent as possible in our operations, so that you understand the choices we are making and how these influence your project. As you can see from client profiles and testimonials we regularly work with customers on more than one project. 

We welcome all new customers into our business and look forward to working with you in the future. 

What our Customer say.

NHS North Tees

WJP Software has provided a timely and quality service to Stockton Quality Control Laboratory and has continually developed and improved the MRS system for our needs.

Using MRS allows our customers to continually comply with current Good Manufacturing Practice, along with standardised reporting, and being able to create quality benchmarks