NHS £2.1Billion Funding for Digital Health Technology

Doctor in green scrubs, hair net, goggles and a mask sat at a computer.Rishi Sunak, The Chancellor of the Exchequer, has confirmed an extra £2.1billion is to go to the NHS for IT upgrades and digital health technology! This money is to go towards making the NHS’ digital technology use more efficient “so hospitals and other care organisations are as connected and efficient as possible”- resulting in staff having more time to care for patients. 

“The NHS IT funding forms part of a wider £5.9billion capital funding to help the NHS clear the record high backlog of patient’s waiting for treatment, invest in new equipment such as MRIs and CT machines, and invest in IT upgrades such as faster broadband.”

Basing much of our work around NHS Environmental Monitoring, we are experts in the area- working with many NHS Pharmacy Technical Services and Laboratories around their IT systems. As well as our Microbiological Reporting System we also develop Environmental Water Testing, some systems linking to the Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (DM+D), as well as writing systems for Emergency Box Management, Drug Shortages and Aseptic Error Reporting. NHS logo with rainbow design and pink heart painted onto the pavement

We want to work with departments to make sure they can use our system as simply as they could a paper-based version- while taking advantage of the IT that’s out there and using computing power behind the scenes. 

Along with our systems, we guide our users through the best way to utilise the systems, along with this we also provide full training, instillation, and ongoing IT support. 

Published: 19/11/2021 Published by: Bee Horner

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