The Microbiological Reporting System (MRS) is our flagship product, which has been part of our suite of products for nearly 10 years. The product is designed to help with the environmental monitoring of clean room environments allowing users to track and review their quality assurance results. The system has grown substantially over time and is now moving towards being  a complete laboratory management information, which can manage Aseptic, Radio-Pharmacy and other Clean Room Environments

The system deals with all aspect of the process, from setting up clean rooms rooms and cabinets, to entering results and finally reporting on the results through a range of reports including exception reports and monthly overviews. The system gives users a simple way to see how their clean rooms are performing, identify any issue areas and benchmark clean rooms against each other.

MRS can help small NHS Pharmacy Departments clean rooms or can be scaled up to support a Regional Quality Assurance Laboratory manage their customers clean room environments.  This area of the market is where the most recent development of MRS have been focused. In 2014 a web-based reporting system was added. This gave Regional Quality Assurance Laboratory’s the ability to release their customers results using a secure online system, further reducing the paper work required and also giving customers control over their reporting and instant access to results in an easy to use format. 

For more information download all available as PDF’s

  • MRS Introduction
  • MRS Web Introduction
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All implementations of our system come packaged with Support including documentation, and Project Management to implement the system in your organisation.