The MRS NE User Group was held on the 5th July 2016 at Queens Campus, Durham University Stockton. Below are all of the presentations from the day.

Document Date Posted Posted By
MRS Agenda.pdf
04/07/2016 James Proctor
MRS and the 5th Edition of Preparation of Aseptic.pptx
MRS and the 5th Edition of Preparation of Aseptic J Rhodes
04/07/2016 James Proctor
Guide to investigating excursions using MRS.ppt
04/07/2016 James Proctor
MRS Presentation (NO Video).pptx
The MRS Day Presentation, including the Life of a Result Set.
04/07/2016 James Proctor
Auto Alert Levels.pptx
Auto Alert Level Presentation A.Walker
06/07/2016 James Proctor
MRS User Day 2016 - Inspectorate Expectations.ppt
Inspectorate Exceptionations W.Goddard
06/07/2016 James Proctor
MRS Plate requirement.ppt
MRS Plate Requirements A.Deer
06/07/2016 James Proctor

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MRS NE User Group

Visit our MRS NE User Group Page to find out what was discussed at the last User Group Meeting held in July 2016.